Chinese outbound travellers staying close to home

Independent outbound travellers from China are likely to be young, well-educated and female, according to a report from Skyscanner’s Chinese business Tianxun and payments specialist UnionPay Smart.

The report combines Tianxun’s search data and spending trends from UnionPay.

The fact that most independent travellers are under the age of 35 comes as little surprise. The study found that 25-34 year olds account for 35% of independent travellers, with a similar proportion – 33% – aged between 15-24.

Only one in ten independent outbound travellers are over the age of fifty.

Outbound travellers are likely to be well-educated, with more than three-quarters having completed higher education. Two in three are educated to degree level.

And Chinese women are more interested in seeing the world than males – with females accounting for 54% of Chinese outbound travellers.

Local destinations remain popular, although the US does make it into the top five alongside Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Japan. Korea and Hong Kong, established destinations for Chinese tourists, are also seeing massive growth, 151.6% and 73.7% respectively.

“Shopping” is top of the to do list for Chinese travellers, broken down by the report into duty free and department stores. Nearly half the travellers visiting Korea do so for the tax-free spending, with cosmetics proving a popular purchase. A visit to a department store is the most popular activity for Chinese visitors to Japan and the UK.

July to September remains the peak period for independent travel, although there are more people travelling internationally in January around the New Year and Spring Festival period.

In 2015 Tianxun saw a 67% year-on-year increase in visitors and a doubling of mobile visitors.

NB: Image by Phongphon Sutantayawalee/BigStock

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