Mobile app startups – Credntia, OMitra, TheHopper

This is a regular roundup of some of the latest mobile application startup launches in travel covering everything from trip inspiration and planning to virtual assistants.


What is it?

Credntia describes itself as an identity management system. The app, launched in 2015, enabels travellers to store all their identity information such as passports and drivers licences as well as other more general membership cards. Users download their credentials to their phone or other mobile device and the information is encrypted for security purposes.

Users can then tap into the app to verify their identity while travelling.

Who’s behind it?

Cody Winton is the chief executive and co-founder.

Is there a problem you’re trying to solve?

“Credntia was founded with the mission to provide everyone, everywhere with a simple, reliable and empowering way to manage their identity digitally. By providing a safe and secure way to store credentials on a mobile device, it gives users greater choice, convenience and peace-of-mind over their identity – especially while traveling.”

Any funding, participation in accelerators, or anything else of note?

Credntia is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It’s currently not available in Brazil, China, France, India, Russia and Turkey.


What is it?

OMitra is building a RailChat platform for millions of daily train travellers in India which aims to help them connect and network with others while travelling.

Who’s behind it?

Vikas Jagetiya, co-founder. He has a background in mobile apps and previously worked at Qualcomm and HCL.

Srihari Kolusu, co-founder. He has previously worked for Videocon, Tata and Reliance.

Is there a problem you’re trying to solve?

The company says it’s trying to address a number of issues including:

  • the boredom of train journey by enabling users to find like-minded people
  • it also helps them to discover if friends or existing acquaintances are on the same train
  • it enables them to order food onboard
  • allows users to set up a wake-up call so they don’t miss their station
  • it aims to save time by automatically updating travellers with train status

Anything else (funding, accelerators etc)?

OMitra has received seed funded and is also backed by Mobile 10X – IAMA and NASSCOM 10K Startup Program.


What is it?

TheHopper is a social check-in service that aims to provide the latest information to users such as whether a place is busy at that time and whether it’s worth going. Users can also post pictures and a short message and content is rated via views rather than likes.

Live feedback is also plotted on an interactive map for a period of time. The service is also integrated with Foursquare.

Who is behind it?

Francesco Rogato is the founder. He is joined by two developers and a project coordinator.

Is there a problem you’re trying to solve?

Rogato says:

“We are trying to help travelers to get to know their surroundings better. The aim is to give our users an up to date list of “hot places” around them at a specific moment, places in which something relevant is happening.

We are all familiar with the concept of reviews, but what about “live reviews”? Imagine being a tourist in a foreign city and being able to discover on an interactive map if there’s a restaurant around the corner serving your favorite dish as a daily special, or if there’s a shop nearby that just received some new cool items… Our users can check what’s happening in a place before they get there, thanks to the live feedback published for that specific venue.

There’s also a section of the map in which our hoppers can share their upcoming travel plans: who’s gonna travel to their same destination in the same period?”

Have you received funding, have you participated in any incubators or accelerators etc?

TheHopper, available on ios, is 100% privately funded and is not currently planning to participate in incubators or apply for third-party funding.

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